Mia Soderberg, PhD

Mia Söderberg is a registered psychologist and research fellow at the department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Umeå university and Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden. Her main research focus is psychosocial work conditions and (1) predictors for sustainable work ability and continued work in older ages and (2) effects on health: primarily cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders and mental health. Previous studies have also examined associations between psychosocial work factor and cognitive attributions towards work which may influence job mobility or return to work. Current projects investigate interplay between welfare policies and administrative processes in welfare agencies and incidence of disability pension over time in a large cohort of roughly 300,000 construction workers. Another project explores psychosocial job environment and lifestyle factors as predictors for continued work after 62 years of age among workers in the manufacturing industry, and if there are differences in retirement determinants between genders or work sectors.