Mikael Stattin, PhD

Mikael Stattin is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, Umeå University, Sweden. He main research interest concerns labour markets and especially work participation in old age. He has done several register-based studies on predictors of disability pension in Sweden. He is since 2011, joint country team leader for the Swedish part of SHARE (Survey of health, ageing and retirement in Europe), a large comparative study in Europe which has become a major source for ageing research. SHARE has included five complete waves of data, a sixth is currently conducted and another four waves are planned every second year until 2023. Due to its high quality, SHARE has been appointed as the first ever European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). Stattin has recently initiated a study that is a response to the shortage of qualified research on workplace level in relation to retirement decisions. The main objective of the project is to study human resource (HR) strategies and interventions in relation to the older workforce in a large Swedish public organisation (Västerbottens Läns Landsting (VLL)). The project explores whether targeted interventions made by the employer affect employees’ attitudes, motivation and ability to work in late age.